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Welcome to IanFord.Absolutely.Exposed!

Ian Ford

Hi, my name is Ian Ford. Welcome to my site!

Please click on my photo or here to enter, but ONLY if you are at least 21 years old

I'm from the UK, and have a love for nylons and an exhibitionist streak in me. Absolutely Exposed look like a great place to take my next adventurous step, and be Absolutely Exposed.
Exciting but Scary stuff !!!....lol

I found I liked wearing nylons when the wife had me wear some of hers for some pics, and I have carried on ever since. I still love to pose nude as well.
That must have been 10 years ago!
I wear sheer, or super sheer socks, (everyday footwear for me) stockings or tights and love having photos taken in them. In fact those are the only socks I now possess, and openly wear them at work.
I've been 100% seen as in them as I have a habit slipping off my shoes and forget my feet are on show under the desk or get up and trot to the printer.......lol

My so called "Web friends" decided it was time I stopped being a closet exhibitionist, and join them on-line.
They fully exposed me, like they are, on several porn sites site like, XHamster, Pornhub, Tumblr, MeWe, Yandex etc, without telling me for almost a year, included were my full details, name, address, e-mails, etc, they posted me both clothed, nude, in stockings, and playing with my cock. (My fault for sharing!)

At first I panicked, at being exposed, but every time I looked at the exposure, my cock would grow and I would start to pre cum.
I felt sick in my stomach, and excited in my groin ....
After barely a week, and clearly with no hope of removing all the pics, I confessed to them, Yes I was loving it, like they said I would and I wanted more!

Now I'm fully exposed with no hope of getting myself removed, ( I knew it would happen at some point ) it's time to man up, stop hiding, and accept i'm Absolutely Exposed.

My pics can be copied and spread over the web if you want to, I really love the exposure and RISK of being spotted by our "other vanilla" friends who have no idea, as far as I know about my kink. Would love to know where you spread me. please let me know.

And I am so proud of being part of TheBestOf.Absolutely.Exposed!